Policy Committee Interpretations

From time to time the Policy Committee is asked to interpret the Policy Manual and provide guidance for very unique situations which will never be explicitly listed or stated in the MAIN Policy Manual. In the interests of maintaining consistency, these questions and interpretations are listed below.

Creation of an 'Independent Minor' patron code
It is the opinion of the Policy Committee that an “independent minor” should be added into the system as a regular patron. Most libraries allow for patrons to get library cards without parental consent by the age of 14.
Change the 'K-12' patron code to be inclusive of Pre-K, nursery schools, and daycare centers
It is the opinion of the Policy Committee that most libraries have a minimum age requirement and or require the child to be able to their own name to get a library card. Therefore, the preschool child could qualify for a library card, based upon local decision. In addition, nursery school and daycare teachers would qualify for courtesy cards in the towns where they work.
Can college/university student card be given the same rights/privileges of 'K-12' patrons
It is the opinion of the Policy Committee that the college/university student policy/privileges should not be changed. Most colleges and universities have their own libraries, therefore professors should receive services there. Students who commute to institutions most likely would also live in a MAIN library area, and qualify for a “Patron” card. Students who live on campus would qualify for a “Patron” card since they reside in the town.
What personal information should be collected from a patron with legitimate safety concerns?
It is the opinion of the Policy Committee that in some instances, the safety or well-being of a patron or prospective patron may be put in jeopardy if their contact information is collected and stored in the integrated library system (ILS). Libraries may use a common fictitious address or simply the library’s address instead of the patron’s true address at their discretion in order to protect patrons.
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