On-Order Library Application

On-Order Library Application

  • On-Order Submission Requirements

    • Books must be published in the past 12 months, or up to 6 months in the future
    • Adult and juvenile titles will be accepted.
    • Before submitting, it must be first verified that the title is not already in the Main catalog
    • Corrections to skeletal on-order records must be submitted regularly – full records need to overlay the skeletal on-order records that were used in the first place
    • A dedicated employee (or duo) needs to be the designated contact person for all things related to on-order submissions, especially the tasks outlined in the bullets above. Employees could of course have many different responsibilities at your library, but the Main office needs to know which person can be contacted if questions arise.
    • Any library approved by the ILS Committee will be able to submit .mrc files from Baker & Taylor’s TitleSource to the cataloging team, but the .mrc file must only contain the on-order titles and the titles still need to be verified as to whether or not they are already in the system.

  • Released & Unreleased Media Submission Process

    • Released and unreleased media cataloging submissions are treated the same. There is no “On Order” process for media.
    • Media can be submitted using either the cataloging form or the spreadsheet, but not a .mrc file. Spreadsheet submissions must include at least the title, type of material, UPC and/or OCLC number, and release date.
    • Titles can be requested up to one month in advance of release date.
    • Before submitting, it must be verified that the title is not already in the Main catalog.
    • Update requests for skeletal records must be submitted regularly.

  • Designated Contact Info

    Note: The designated contact is the person responsible for submitting on-order records for your library. ONE is required, but you may add more if you wish.