Mobile App HQ

In November of 2020, MAIN made available to all member libraries’ patrons a mobile app in conjunction with a vendor named SOLUS. It will more than likely act as the official MAIN mobile app solution through at least 12/31/2022. Over this time period, additional functionality and improvements will be made to the present version of the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my library's operating hours in the app?
Instructions for updating your library’s operating hours can be found here (video) or here (text).
What if I forget my password to log in?
If you forgot your credentials or can’t log in, open a Support Ticket and someone can help you. Be sure to choose ‘MAIN Mobile App’ as the category for best results.
What are the minimum requirements for the app to work?
The app will work on any mobile device, unless your library utilizes RFID.
What are the minimum requirements for RFID self-check to work?
For RFID compatibility, most android devices will work. Apple devices are restricted to iPhone 7 and later (on iOS 13 or later).
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