Main Governance

Every successful organization is built on a strong foundation called governance. The Main Board of Directors ultimately ensures that the Main membership acts in accordance with the organizational bylaws and policies. What follows are the core documents that describe Main’s governance as well as supplemental documentation.

Document Description
2022 Annual Report  Showcases Main’s significant achievements in 2022 and contains stats on the network’s scope, collection, offerings, usage, ROI, and more. Its purpose is to inform various audiences such as library staff, trustees, patrons, and donors.
Main Bylaws Main’s official organizational bylaws.
Handbook of Services Created to define all of the services that Main offers to its member libraries.
Library Size Designations The official listing of Main’s five-way split of library size designations, updated as of 5/1/2024.
Membership Agreement Libraries complete and return this agreement each year as a condition of continued membership.
New Employee Welcome Guide  Explains how Main functions and the services it provides to member libraries. A must-read as part of any new employee orientation/onboarding process
Main Policy Manual The Policy Manual expands on the ideas set forth in the Bylaws and defines the standards to which all member libraries agree to adhere.
Strategic Direction: 2022 & Beyond Declares Main’s vision and values, formal goals, and a description of how Main maintains flexibility with objectives to achieve said goals.