MAIN Committees

MAIN’s committees provide volunteer expertise covering a broad range of topics related to library operations. Committees develop policies, create procedures and provide advice to the member libraries of the MAIN consortium.

Please Note
Committees indicated in red are the most important. These meetings should be attended by at least one representative from each MAIN library whenever possible, and at least one email address from each library should be subscribed to these committee listservs. Please submit a support ticket if you would like to be added to or removed from a listserv.
Committee Chair(s) Listserv Address
Adult Services Ilene Lefkowitz, Karen Cerreta
Bylaws Seth Stephens
Circulation Corinne Bowen, Sheila Jain
Digitech Radwa Ali, Karen Vaias
Finance Lesley Karczewski
ILS Chad Leinaweaver
MAYS Lynn Gaillard, Anne O’Gorman
Member Relations Chad Leinaweaver
Policy Seth Stephens
Public Relations Luis Rodriguez, Rachel Burt
Technical Services Melanie Edwards, Jessica Stauffer
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