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Changing library contact info on the public website (Magellan)

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Logging in & finding your library

          • Some users for multi-branch systems (Hunterdon, Parsippany, etc.) will see multiple options.
          • You can also return to this page via the Project Magellan button in the top bar.
          • Selecting a location will take you to the Edit Library page.

          Changing Library Services

          Library Services are services that your library is actively offering to patrons.

          How to update Library Services
          The Library Services section can be found on the right side of the page, and is pictured below. Look for a box titled Library Services. Inside of the box are various services. Check the boxes of only the services your library offers.

          Library Details (Contact Information)

          This can be found by scrolling down slightly. Look for a box titled Library Details. This section displays contact information, opening hours and additional information about your library. There are three “tabs” with information.

          Location Tab - Change Address
          This is where you input the address of your library. In most cases, this information won’t change.

          Opening Hours Tab - Change Daily Hours / Open Status
          Here you can set the daily ongoing hours of your library. There are drop-downs to select an opening time and a closing time.

          If your library is closing, you can designate a day as ‘closed’ by clicking the red ‘x’ on the right beside the day you are closed.
          Opening Hours Tab - Add Holidays & Closed Dates in Advance
          You can add Custom Dates at the bottom by clicking on the gray + icon beside Custom Dates. Then, you can set the date of closure and add a short title (such as ‘Thanksgiving’ or ‘Christmas Eve’.) You can and should add these dates in advance.

          If you click the grey plus icon on the right side of the row, beside where it says “Closed”, you can set special hours for a particular day in the event of an early closing/early opening.

          Additional Information Tab - Change Phone/Fax/Email/URL
          Here is where you input the phone number, fax, e-mail and URL of the library website.

          Adding a Specialized Note

          In some cases, you may wish to advertise something specific to the public, such as that you are open for curbside-service or appointment only. To do this, simply scroll to the blank text area in the middle of the page. Please keep your message short and simple.

          Saving the Page

          When you are finished making your changes, you must scroll to find and click on the blue Update button.


      Checking Changes

      You can see your changes live at this URL:

      You cannot see the ‘closed dates’ data live. To check if your closed dates saved, simply re-open your library page and scroll to the bottom and see if your closed dates are still there.

      If you experience any issues editing your library’s data, please open a support ticket.

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