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How To Request a Catalog Submission

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To request a new submission to the catalog start by going to the Catalog Request Form Home page located on the website under the top menu bar “Cataloging” area.

Once there you may want to review the “Submission Guidelines” to see if there are any updates to the process or information required.

When you are ready to submit your request start by picking the request type from the right sidebar.

All of the submission types use the same basic process with just changes to the type of metadata required for that submission.

The first step is to see if your item has already been submitted to the system (we wouldn’t want you to fill out the form unnecessarily). To check on submission status, type or paste into the search box the ISBN or UPC of your item.

The results box starts with an example entry.

If after entering your item you see the same number appear in the results box then your item has already been submitted to our system. If instead, the box shows “no matching record found”, then proceed to step 2 and enter the information for your request.

Please note any field with a * next to them are required. Ones without the * are not required, but are helpful if known.

Once you’ve input all of the fields click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form page. After a brief time you will see a notice display stating that your submission has been successful. If instead you see an error message please follow the instructions of the message (typically it will be in regard to a required field not being input). You may also see a message that your submission is a duplicate submission (did you check in the search form first?)–in that case your item has already been submitted for cataloging and you do not need to submit it.

After a successful submission you will also receive an email with the information you submitted using the form.

If you see any type of error that prevents you from submitting the form please reach out and submit a ticket to Main IT for further assistance.

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