COVID-19 Coordinated Response for Schools

In April of 2020, MAIN embarked upon a marketing campaign to organize libraries’ communication with their local schools, parent organizations, and other related entities. The goal is to advertise the resources that public libraries regularly have access to as well as those available temporarily through 6/30/20.

New Web Pages:
Four new webpages have been created that target different audiences:

Virtual Library Programming

Two letter templates have been created and are listed below. Each library director (or designated proxy) is strongly encouraged to send a copy of the first letter to their local schools’ superintendent(s), principal(s), and/or Board of Education and the second letter to the local PTA/PTO organizations as soon as possible.

Letter to Administration
Letter to PTA/PTO

Social Media:
Throughout April, May, and June, MAIN will be routinely blasting out singular elements of this information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All libraries are asked to follow MAIN wherever possible and promote these posts, as well as create your own posts.

MAIN Facebook
MAIN Instagram
MAIN Twitter

It is also strongly recommended that libraries seek out teacher and parent social media groups in their communities and promote these materials directly to them.

Press Release:
A press release describing this initiative has been posted to the MAIN website. Feel free to repurpose this document if you feel it can help. It is hoped that local media will choose to run this information as well.

Press release page

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