Bib Record Editing Permissions Application

  • Bib Record Editing Permission Criteria

    • Must have (5+) years of experience working in Technical Services under a supervising librarian.
    • Must have an individual login.
    • Can only edit bib records to which the library is linked.
    • Cannot create, import or delete records.
    • Can only edit fields that can be derived from the item in hand. The item must be in hand.
    • Can do the following minor edits:
      • Add pages, illustrations, and height (in cm) - MARC 300 tag.
      • Correct typos in the title and subtitle - MARC 245 subfields a and b.
      • Add or remove a subtitle - MARC 245 subfield b. The subtitle to be added must be displayed on the title page.
      • Can correct typos and spelling errors in the summary field - MARC 520 tag.
      • Remove the 099 RECORD TO BE UPDATED tag once the edits are complete.
    • Edits to author names are not permitted.
    • Edits will be limited to books only and will not include media.
    • A test of sample records will be completed to evaluate knowledge of required editing before permissions are granted.
    • Requires ability to distinguish which records can be edited and which records need complete updates. For example: a level 8 record that is fully complete except for pages can be edited. A brief level 3 or level 5 record, however, must be submitted for an update. These records may also have a RECORD TO BE UPDATED [YOUR LIBRARY NAME] in the 099 field.
    • A 3-month trial period is required.

  • Designated Contact Info

    The designated contact is the person responsible for editing the bib records for your library. ONE is required but you may add more if you wish.
  • Supervising Librarian

    This is the person that will supervise the designated contact.